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Phychips Wins Multiple Customers for EPC Reader Chip for Mobile Phones

2011-04-08 13:04
Korean RFID technology firm Phychips has announced that a number of Chinese companies are using its EPC Gen 2 (ISO 18000 6c) ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) reader chip (known as the PR9000) in a variety of applications.

The chip is incorporated into a universal subscriber identity module (USIM) card that is inserted into a handheld computer or A mobile phone, enabling the device to function as a reader of passive RFID tags (see South Korean Consortium Launches EPC Gen 2 Reader for Mobile Phones).

In China’s Sichuan Province, for example, a chicken farm is utilizing the USIM card in handheld devices to read tags implanted under the skin of a chicken’s neck.
A Chinese car manufacturer is utilizing devices with the USIM chip to read specially designed UHF tags attached to metal parts of automotive accessories.
Wuliangye Group is employing the reader chip to track bottles of liquor, and several unnamed electronics manufacturers are using it to interrogate tags on their product-transporting trays, in order to manage assembly processes.

The systems integrator for these Chinese deployments is Chengdu RML Technology Co., also based in Sichuan. In addition, last month, SK Telecom signed a contract with Chinese wireless communication firm Sunnada Communication Co., Ltd., to export 55,000 USIM cards incorporating the PR9000 reader chip.
“Phychips’ product is simple to design and very cost-effective,” says LC Kwan, Chengdu RML’s general manager. “It is good for projects working at a reading distance of around 1 meter range.”

Phychips will exhibit its PR9000 UHF 900 MHz reader chip product in booth 218C at RFID Journal LIVE! 2011, being held in Orlando, Fla., on Apr. 12-14.