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SKT develops mobile RFID product

2010-09-02 12:59
SK Telecom (CEO: Jung Man-won) announced on the 24th that the company had developed for the first time in the world a technology to mount 900MHz (microwave) RFID (radio frequency identity) reader function to USIM.

SK Telecom and 7 small and medium-sized companies specializing in RFID developed reader-mounted USIM, smartphone, core parts, platform SW and development tools through the mobile RFID smart project promoted by the government to mount RFID readers in mobile phones.

RFID is one of the near-range information recognition technologies using radio wave, which requires RFID tag and RFID reader. In the past, RFID reader was separately prepared and mounted in mobile phone to read information in tag. However, with this technology, RFID is pre-mounted in a mobile phone. As such, the major characteristic of this new technology is that it enables information recognition with the use of a mobile phone only.

The information identified with RFID reader is sent to the corresponding company’s server through 3G network or WiFi network. Customers can check the information saved in the server, such as authenticity, place of origin, delivery destination and expiration date of the product concerned, using a mobile phone.

This technology also solves the problem of having to carry along a reader, which was the biggest obstacle in RFID activation in the past. In addition, the price range of RFID USIM card is KRW 30,000 ~ 40,000, which is substantially lower than the RFID reader price of about KRW 200,000. As the problems of price and mobility of reader were solved, it is anticipated that the RFID-related services will be further activated in the future.

Technologies using RFID, such as RFID reader chip mounted mobile phone and smartphone as well as remote reader terminal, will be applied to the air cargo management service of the Incheon International Airport Corporation by August so as to evaluate the technological feasibility. SK Telecom forecasts that the commercial-level RFID service will commence in 2011.

(Source: Convergence KOREA)

* RFID reader chip of PHYCHIPS is applied to SK Telecom USIM