RFID Total Solutions

As a pioneer of RFID industry, PHYCHIPS has been supplying RFID SoC and module designed by original technology to major RFID companies in the world.
The biggest character of PHYCHIPS’ solution is that the applications can be expanded to mobile devices and home appliances while the competitor’s reader chips are limited in their use to industrial readers.
The requirements of compactness, low-power, low-cost and high-performance for smart phone, tablet PC, laptop, home appliances, etc. were satisfied for the first time in the world and PHYCHIPS has the exclusive market position with unique technical advantage in this field.

PHYCHIPS has been conducting a key role by participating in many RFID projects from major countries such as Korea, US, China, Japan and etc. And along with the works, PHYCHIPS has contributed greatly to the spread of RFID by improvement of technology and expand of its application. Especially since 2012, PHYCHIPS became RFID & IoT total solution company for supplying smartphone linked small reader and App S/W as well as RFID components.
PHYCHIPS will stand in the center of IoT(Internet of Things) world by realizing the vision of “THINGS TO CLOUD” with the motto, “RFID IN YOUR HAND


Company Identity

CI of PHYCIHIPS reflects future-oriented and smart corporate image. The reverse triangle expressed in Y is a shape that wave is spreading out, and means wireless communication, core area of PHYCHIPS. 
Red color (Corporate color) is reflecting human friendly corporate philosophy, and embraces stiff atmosphere of IT technology with warmth and healthy feeling.


Connecting things to the cloud with RFID